Friday, November 15, 2013

Count Down: Thursday

Thursday morning I had two days left til the Boutique (see?  I can do math when I think about it!).
I had originally decided to spend Friday working out how I was going to set up my area, but I went ahead and got it done Thursday.  I figured if there were last minute things I needed to purchase, or changes that needed to be made, that would give me Friday to get those things done.

Setting up for something like this is really, really fun!  I taped off an area in the basement equivalent to what I will have and just started playing with it.

It was a mess to start with but I got stuff moved out of the way and it started coming together.

This one?

No, I think this cloth works better.  I'll save the other one for the other (larger) table.

Don't you love the wreath holder?

I think it looks like something out of Star Wars!

Smocked bonnets and Octopus Dollies

This needs a little work (as do my picture-taking skills) but I have it figured out.  Finally.  I think.

I love it when a plan comes together!  

However thinking about how different the reality is probably going to be from the planning makes me giggle.

See you Saturday!           

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