Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Countdown: Four Days

The house is a wreck.  So am I.  Therefore, no pictures today.  You wouldn't want to see them anyway; trust me on this one.  OK, maybe this afternoon.  We'll see.

Here's what's going on as I hit the final lap to get ready for By Hand Boutique:

Tuesday was spent trying to help Mr. Marvelous get stuff done to get approval for a much needed MRI.  Monday was a government holiday, so our library was closed that day.  That means that Tuesday was also my weekly coupon day for our library (more about that another time).

I did manage to get several more octopus dollies done and a few to take with me to finish while I wait for Mr. Marvelous to have his MRI.  I also managed to get a yard of fabric cut so that I can tie some rag wreaths.  Still need to cut 2-3 more yards.  If time permits I will also make a few more wreath forms.  Need to attach stars to some of those wreaths.  I would like to finish 2 more smocked bonnets to have available. 

I know that this is normal ~ this craziness as I hit the final preparations.  I know that it will all fall into place and be fine (I hope). 

The roller coaster is flying down the hill and I am just trying to stay in my seat and enjoy the ride!

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