Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Count-down: Five Days (Gulp!)

Estimating the amount of time needed to complete a task is my biggest weaknesses.  I should have known.  Was I really going to get that blanket quilted and finished in an hour or two yesterday?  Oh get real, Virginia!  It took all day until supper time.  But it is done, my friend is happy, and hopefully the Mama and baby will like it too.

Frozen pizza for supper?  Why yes, thank you, I think we will!

Then it was on to a Boutique project.  Have you ever heard of Tussy-Mussies?  Or perhaps Octamussies?  Octopus Dollies?  No?  Well then, I guess it IS unique!  These little eight-legged wonders are terrific for keeping a young lady's hair ribbons, barrettes or bows.  They are also good companions.  A young Laney....I mean lady....of my acquaintance had to have two; one for hair "stuff" and one to carry around with her.  Hers also had to be RED because she is an Alabama fan.  I found some fun yarn, so they are not only different colors but also different textures.  I've gotten eight made up so far and will try and have another dozen or so made up for the Boutique.  Here they are:

Please, ladies, sit up straight!

That's better.  Thank you!

Doesn't she look prim and proper?!

Best of all, when their legs come undone, they can help a young lady learn how to do a three-strand braid!

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