Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thought I would share a few family traditions from both our nuclear family and our extended family.

  1. The big gathering of as many people as possible.  This year we will only have about 13 around the table.  There will be another 10 or so wandering in and out of town as the weekend goes on.  We are incredibly thankful that we will be 13 and not just 12 this year.  When a family member survives having a tree fall on him, we celebrate God's mercy!
  2. The menu?  Turkey, dressing (not stuffing) (unless Nana has her way) (she probably will), corn casserole, green beans, mincemeat pie (Nana makes her own mincemeat), some kind of pumpkin something or other (haven't decided yet whether that will be pie or cheesecake).  By special request of Nana, we will be adding a couple of smoked rabbits to the menu this year.  I just realized I did not list fruit jello.  That is such a tradition that I will be going to the store in a little while to get stuff to make it.
  3. All throughout the day, there will be a lot of giving thanks to God by various folks for both the big things and the little random things.
  4. Lots of family tales.
  5. Lots of eye-rolling.
  6. Lots of laughing.
  7. I'm hoping that the next generation might be big enough to want to watch parades.  I enjoy doing that; I'm a kid at heart!
  8. Tongue-biting?  Of course!  We're a family!
  9. Saying something out loud that should probably be kept in?  Probably.  
  10. Loving each other enough to overlook such things?  Definitely!
  11. Missing those who are too far away to make it.
  12. Hugs.  Kisses. I love yous.
  13. Fish fry the day after.  Dad and Robert had a good fishing trip last month.  They almost always do which is why this is a tradition.
  14. Spending Friday and Saturday getting the Christmas china out and putting up the every-day stuff.
  15. Cutting some greenery from the cedar trees.
  16. Lighting the first Advent Candle on Sunday.
What did I miss?  What are some of your traditions?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

God's peace to your homes. 

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