Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning Memories: Two Stories

1.  Granny's Toys

Many years ago before she had any children of her own, my sweet Granny Reed used to babysit for a family.  She came up with all kinds of clever ways to entertain these children.  This was pre-internet, pre-video games, pre-cable, pre-television and even pre-radio.  Therefore, entertaining children on rainy days took a bit more creativity and imagination.  In those days even coloring books and crayons were a luxury.  What would you do with a family of young children on a rainy day in those circumstances? 

My Granny was a very resourceful woman.  She would take clothespins and make little pilgrims.  The children would create scenes of the Pilgrim Feast and be happily entertained for hours.

A few years ago my Dad was preaching in Bakersville, NC.  A woman introduced herself as the daughter of one of the children my Granny used to baby-sit and shared her memories with my Dad.  The next night she came and had a gift in her hand for my Dad.  It seems that when they had cleaned out her mother's home, they had found these little treasures.  These had been made by my Granny!  Now every November they have a place of honor in my kitchen.

2.  Andrew's Giving Heart

My nephew Andrew is a remarkable young man.  He is almost as tall as his Dad.  He has one of the most infectious grins you will ever see.  And he is one of the most loving and giving young men I know.  Andrew is not afraid to hug his Mom, his sisters, his aunts, his cousins.  He is not bashful about telling us that he loves us.  Andrew loves to make people happy.  He once found out that I like B.J. Surhoff of Atlanta Braves fame.  I still have the picture with his stats that Andrew gave me!

Andrew's school would take the children on a field trip to Cherokee, NC when he was in late elementary or Jr. High school.  While he was there, he found this little teepee and spent some of his own spending money to buy it for me. 

To me, this is a picture of Andrew's loving and giving heart.  It reminds me of the sweet rascal who cares a lot about his Aunt Virginia.  It reminds me to pray for him as exam season approaches.  It reminds me how blessed I am!  And it has a place of honor in my kitchen as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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