Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jack And A Great Adventure

 Do you remember the debacle of the Vermont trip when Jack wound up staying in South Carolina in the back seat of the car for almost TWO WEEKS??!!  So does he.  I have been reminded of what happened every time we go anywhere in the car together.

Last week I was talking with my friend who is getting ready to go with her husband and two youngest daughters to visit their oldest daughter in Colorado.  I had a brainstorm.  I called one of the girls and begged asked politely if Jack might possibly be allowed to go with them to Colorado.  She was elated!  These two young ladies have been making all kinds of interesting plans for Jack on the road trip.  Their parents have gotten into the spirit of things so much that I am eagerly anticipating all the adventures that they will find. 

Thursday evening we will go to their home for dinner, meet the folks who will be house-sitting and caring for all their animals, and deliver Jack.  I did find a suitcase for Jack to use.  It holds all the essentials and if he gets tired, he can use it for a nap.  If you think this is not really a suitcase but a....well...ladies' accessory, please don't share your suspicions with Jack.  I am having enough trouble convincing him to use something that does not have wheels.  He admires the fact that it is leather, but says that all the really cool gnomes have suitcases that they can roll.  I told him to get over it.

Here's Jack with his trip necessities:

I'm thinking the marbles are going to need to stay home, even though Jack assured me they would not get lost.  Maybe I can convince him to substitute some jacks?  And the tape recorder?  He insists that he needs it to record his thoughts and impressions along the way.  Anyone have some blank cassette tapes we can use?

The girls will be filling me in on how things go along the way.  I am sending them with an extra data card for the camera. 

Stay tuned; this is going to be quite an adventure!

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