Tuesday, July 07, 2015

On The Road With Jack

 The computer died last week.  Mr. Marvelous, being completely marvelous, has revived it for me.  Hopefully I can keep the blog rolling along at least enough to keep you up-to-date with Jack's Big Adventure.

Jack is having a blast.  Mr. Marvelous and I are each getting multiple texts throughout each day with pictures of all the mischief Jack is getting into with our friends.  Oh, that Jack!  Here is what we have so far from their trip to Denver.  The first set are from Mama and the girls:

Jack dreams of a space career...

Or what about a farm in Tennessee?

Jack crosses the Mississippi River

Jack is still in Kansas...

Jack is making new friends.  Good friends, I hope.

We find Giant Pinwheels fascinating (and just a little hard to see)

This next set is from Papa:

Jack was a little cold the first morning, but warmed up nicely here.

Just in time for breakfast.  Breakfast of Champions?
Champion Gnomes, anyway!

They took him out for dinner that evening.  I am told he says he misses my cooking.  Oh, that Jack!  I didn't know he was going to find the Blarney Stone on this adventure.

That day brought a trip to the City Museum and this message:

He enjoyed the City Museum, but wasn't tall enough to do any of the activities inside, so he amused himself with mischief in the parking lot. It was hilarious to watch!

Watch out for the sharks, Jack!

 As they approached Denver, they stopped at a local Walmart

 Jack wanted a souvenir.  
He seems quite proud of his "BIG" green tractor.

There you have Jack's adventures so far.  Stick around.  With this crew, the mischief has only just begun!

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