Thursday, June 04, 2015

Homestead Update

A little math

What do you get if you add 9 White Leghorn hens,

1 White Leghorn Rooster
(who is a little bit of a show-off),

4 Buff Orpington hens,

12 Buff Orpington "teen-agers"
(I think it is 7 males and 5 females),

and four Leghorn/Orpington cross chicks?
(which is why that rooster is in the tractor with those hens)

That's what.

A ridiculous number of chickens
(9+1+4+12+4=30 last time I checked).

A ridiculous feed bill
(let's just not go there).

A ridiculous noise starting at too early in the morning.

A ridiculous amount of eggs
(that's over a gross of eggs if you can't quite count,
which is pretty gross).
Don't worry; they have gone to good homes.
 and sometimes a ridiculous amount of cuteness and fun!

 It's never boring around here.

What's new around your home?

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