Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Adventures of Jack South

Jack has been a busy gnome since we got back from South Carolina.  He has been helping me with all kinds of homesteading.  This week he has been wandering through the garden helping me harvest some things.  He can't quite decide which crop is his favorite;

 He likes lettuce...
 but the green beans are really good, too.

Jack helps me watch for snakes and hawks while we are gardening, points out weeds I need to pull up, and beans that I have missed. 

We have been busy indoors, too.  This is the week for the chick hatch.  We hatch our chicks in the living room because 1. it has the most stable temperature in the house, 2. it is the room I am most frequently in, making it easier to check on things, and 3. we are a little (!) quirky. 

That creates a bit of a problem:

the cats find hatching baby chicks fascinating (tasty, too; they taste just like...well, you know).

Never fear, Jack is here!

He scolds and when necessary, shames the cat,

until she decides to leave abashed.

Jack is the protector and defender of baby chicks!

Along with a little help from a picture of another particular ~ and much loved! ~ young man.

Today I am going into the "Big City".  I have lived in Birmingham for almost 7 years and I still have not visited the Art Museum.  Shameful, isn't it?  So today I am going to a doctor's appointment and then going to the Art Museum, the downtown library (three stories of books!), and grocery shopping.  Jack will be going with me.  I wonder what the docents will think of him?  Should I expand his name to Jack Arthur South and tell them he is Art?

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