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Walkabout Wednesday: Truth or Consequences

Totals for July coming next week

Truth or Consequences.  I grew up on that show.  It was Bob Barker pre-Price Is Right.  Back in the day when he would get Service Men home for unexpected leave from Southeast Asia and surprise their families.

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

When I saw Truth or Consequences on the New Mexico map, I knew I had to stop there.  

I wasn't sure why it was Truth or Consequences.  I had visions of pioneer settlers facing the truth of whether or not they could make it further and dealing with the consequences if they weren't truthful.  Or some such romantic nonsense.

But the Truth is a little more prosaic.  

The town was established in the early 1900s as Hot Springs.  There were about 40 local hot spring and the area became a "hot" spot for folks wanting physiotherapy.  The Carrie Tingley Hospital for children with physical disabilities was located there until 1981.

Turns out that before Bob Barker hosted the television version there was a radio version.  Like the television show, it was known for being a combination Quiz show/Wacky stunt show.  In 1950 or 1951 (there is some discrepancy on the dates), the host announced that if a town renamed itself Truth or Consequences, the show would air from that town.  Hot Springs, New Mexico jumped on the bandwagon.  For fifty years Ralph Edwards (the host) visited Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on the first weekend of May.  The Fiesta that was begun in 1950 (or 1951) still continues today with a parade, a dance, a beauty contest (the winner is apparently the Hatch Chile Queen), a stage show, etc.

 Photo of man and woman in period dress in a horse drawn carriage in a parade

And there are still a number of hot springs.  

Riverbend Hot Springs
 Photo from Sierra County, New Mexico website.

Lovely after a few weeks of desert walking!

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