Thursday, July 11, 2013


It may be a cool, damp summer, but the hummingbirds are back.

Last year we discovered the late summer migration.  Oh my, we had so many hummers around here!  The junipers were full of them and if we had had 20 more feeders they would have all been in use.  We found this website about Abigail, who acclimated them to feed from her hand.  So of course I had to give it a try.  They never did land and feed from my hand, but they would buzz me and didn't seem to mind me being right there under the feeders.  Then we got up one day and were suddenly down to 4-6 hummingbirds.  Within a few days, they had all left us.

With the weather being what it has been this year, and the garden, the bunnies, the chicks, the rabbits, the truck (oh yeah, the truck!), etc., we just had not gotten around to putting the feeders back out. 
Last week I got buzzed.  One of those, "Hey Lady!  Remember us?  We're back and we are HUNGRY!"  I quickly mixed up some sugar water, got the feeders cleaned up, filled up, and hung up.  They are so happy!

Last year we had the hammock right under the feeders and could lay there and watch from that angle.  This year we have moved the hammock around back, so we are watching from the other end of the porch while shucking and scraping three bushels of corn.  It's fun having a different perspective.  It's fun having a return of Homestead TV while getting the corn done.  Mr. Marvelous and I are both a cheap date.  It doesn't take much to entertain us!

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