Monday, July 01, 2013

Texas In My Dreams

It's only Monday, but it is the first of the month, so I have a walking update.  As of June 30, I have logged 1301.13 miles.  This puts me well into New Mexico.  I'm only 54 miles or so from my next way point of Alamagordo.  I'll explain more later about why I chose this particular site.  For now, I'll just point out that it is REALLY hot here!  Good thing I am doing my walk mostly in air-conditioning.

I did want to share a few things from Texas.  Remember, this is walking that I am doing around my home and yard and any trips I may make around town.  I'm logging miles on my pedometer in an attempt to "walk" all the way to New Zealand.  This is mostly an imaginary trip (although the steps I take are quite real).

There are a few people in Texas who I would love to see, my friend Sassy Gal and her mother being at the top of the list!  I would enjoy a visit with my sister-in-law's family.  There are several people who used to live there and have moved on.  However, there are two gentlemen I have admired for many years.  They are both heroes.  They are gentlemen.  When I think of them and their sacrificial service and humility, I get  a bit choked up.  I will concede that they are not perfect, but I admire them.  A lot!

They go by many different names, nick-names and titles. 

I'll stick with "Sir".

Courtesy wikimedia commons

Or perhaps just, "Mr. President"

In my imaginary trip, I had the honor of meeting these two heroes and their wives.  And the privilege of praying with them. 

And we admired each others' socks.


I got to hug their necks and say "Thank you". 

I gave them some home-made strawberry jam and english muffins.

Then I set off again. 

But in my imaginary trip, this was by far one of the absolute best moments!

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