Friday, July 19, 2013

Animal Update: Chickens

My Leghorns are laying!  My Leghorns are laying!!

OK, now that I have that out of my system,

My Leghorns are laying!!!
Oops.  OK, I promise I'm past that.  I'll quit shouting.

My Leghorns are laying!!!

I think the blue container is more aesthetically pleasing, don't you?  See that one on the far right?  That was the first egg.  Usually first eggs are very small (like the ones in the middle), but this girl apparently means business!

My White Leghorns started laying last week. Bet you couldn't tell I'm pretty excited and happy about that, could you? The first egg was a monster AND the girl was smart enough to lay it in the nesting box. That may not seem like a big deal, but we have had chickens in the past who have laid eggs in some pretty peculiar (and challenging to get to) places. Even better, Mr. Marvelous fixed the back-door entrance to their tractor, so all I have to do is unlatch that door and reach in. Prior to that fix, the only way to get anything out of the chicken tractor involved turning off the electric fence, propping up the top of the tractor, climbing over the side, and getting in with the chickens; all the while praying that the top didn't fall and "accidentally" close on me. The back door may not be as entertaining, but it keeps Mama happy.

 Can you imagine me crouched down inside there trying to get eggs?  
If you can't, be thankful.  It's not pretty!

Aren't they just the most beautiful and impressive Leghorns you have ever seen?!

And guess what?  

My Leghorns are laying!!!!!

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