Thursday, July 18, 2013

Twenty-Six Years.

Twenty-six years.

For some people, like Mr. Marvelous Jr. and some of his cousins, that is more than a life-time.

It is more than half of my life.

Twenty-six years ago was July, 1987.

Matt McNutt got ready to start first grade.

The world population reached 5 Billion.

Popular movies released included  Ernest Goes to Camp (it's a classic!); Good Morning, Vietnam; Innerspace; a Jaws movie (it was the 80's after all!); Lethal Weapon; The Living Daylights; Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; The Princess Bride; Throw Mama From the Train; and The Untouchables.

Klaus Barbie was finally brought to justice and sentenced for war-crimes.

The Dow Jones reached a record high of 2,510.04.

Gordon and Miriam Reed and all their children and grandchildren traveled to Macon, Georgia.

The Atlantic was crossed by two men in a hot-air balloon for the first time.

Stamps cost 22 cents.

Margaret Thatcher was elected for an unprecedented third time.

John and Diana Reed celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a trip to Macon, Georgia followed by a trip to Florida's Gulf Coast.

There was a fancy dinner at The Rose Cottage involving as many members as possible of the Gordon Reed family and the Alfred Akin family, along with assorted special guests.  At the end of that party as the dessert was being brought out, Al Akin had the waitresses bring a large piece of watermelon to set down at my place.  It's kind of a family joke.

Twenty-six years ago, Mr. Marvelous went and bought a comfortable pair of black dress shoes.  Then he went by a little church in Warner Robins, Georgia, where a friend of his was the pastor.  They sat in his friends' office and chatted for a while.  Finally the friend asked what he could do for Mr. Marvelous. 
"Well.  I've taken care of everything now that I finally have a pair of comfortable shoes.  In an hour I have to be at the church.  Could we pray together?"
And they did.  Thanks, Bob Jarrett!

Twenty-six years ago, I put on the fanciest dress I have ever owned, fixed my hair, and put on my first and only veil.

Twenty-six years ago I walked down the aisle to the music my father had chosen for me.  Rejoice, The Lord Is King.  Dad quietly sang it to me as we walked.

Twenty-six years ago, I stood at the front of First Presbyterian Church, Macon, Georgia and promised to love, honor and obey Mr. Marvelous.

Twenty-six years later we have been through better, worse, sickness, health, plenty, and want.  Together.

Twenty-six years later, he is still ~ and even more so ~ Mr. Marvelous.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Marvelous.  I love you and I am honored to be your wife and share your name!

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Brother Jase said...

He certainly is... mostly because you are Mrs. Marvelous. Civilizing influences of ladies on hairy apes and all that.