Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick Update on Baby Chicks

OK folks, I have a TON of canning to do today.  Mr. Marvelous usually asks me how many pounds that is and I have to confess that it is not a literal ton this time.  However I do have a lot of tomatoes and green beans to put up and a friend is coming to learn what she can.  Pun intended.  Get it?

So a quick update on our latest batch of Buff Orpingtons that we hatched out in June.  Out of 12 eggs we managed to hatch out 5.  One of them was sickly and didn't make it past week three.  The others  still live in the basement in a brooder.  Some people call these "plastic swimming pools".  I don't know why.  I also don't know why the Walmart folks advise flling these up with water.  I guess more people raise ducks than chicks over here.  Go figure!


The wire keeps them from fluttering out and running amok ~ or worse, amuck ~ through the basement.

Last week I decided that the weather was so nice and sunny (We had a day of sunshine last week!!), that I should introduce the babies to the Great Outdoors.  So I took some chicken wire and let it curl into a large circle.  Then I got the babies and put them in it.

I put wire over top because we have several neighborhood hawk condos.

Aren't they lovely?!


I put the orange thing on top to give them a little shade.

They weren't sure they needed shade.  This sunshine stuff is great!

And eventually I took them back indoors. 

 Thanks, Mom!

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