Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have been a diabetic for over 30 years.  So my feet are, well, "challenged".  I'm going to be kind and NOT show you any pictures!
When I go outside to do anything these days, I put on my big rubber wellies.  

It's a trip to see me, I'm sure.  But the wellies protect me from things like thorns from the wild roses.

And mean roosters and their spurs.

And poo.  There's lots of that around.   
(Every time I go out to see the animals, I feel like saying, "Greetings, Dwellers in the land of poo")

So anytime I go feed the rabbits and chickens, or anytime the chickens are making more noise than usual and I think I need to go check on them and protect them from armadillos or possums, I put on my wellies as I dash out the door.

Yes, those are pink flamingo lights around our front door.  
Doesn't everyone have those??

This morning the chickens started clamoring for my attention.  Being the cooperative farm-wife that I am, I went out to give them some.  I put on my boots.  By the time I hit the sidewalk, I was screeching louder than the chickens!  I didn't know if there was a family of mice or rats in there, but it was SOMETHING that wasn't supposed to be there!  LOTS of something!!  

I limped back to the front door and quickly kicked off the offending boot.  There are those who say I leapt back onto the porch and kicked the boot into next week.  Clearly those who say that are wrong, because the boot was still right there.  

Along with a bunch of little somethings....

....that look like peas!

Mr. Marvelous has been planting the front garden in peas.  Somehow a couple of handfuls found their way into my boots.  OK, maybe just the one on the left. 

Mr. Marvelous swears he is innocent.  I'm 99% sure I believe him.

Mr. Marvelous, Jr. swears he is innocent.  I believe him.  Mamas know these things.


The neighbor's miniature greyhound doesn't like me, but he's not bright enough to figure out how to get peas into a boot.  Trust me.


There was a squirrel yesterday trying to poach some of the seeds that had been planted.  I gave him quite the lecture and scolded him away. 

I guess it's just one of those things. 

But I'm a little more careful when I put my boots on now!!

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