Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Return of Homestead TV

Since we have moved to Alabama we have been surprised at how often it snows.  Of course, the snows we have and get all excited about make our northern friends laugh, but it is a big deal to us.  And yes, we do close schools for less than an inch in the grass and none on the roadways.  I don't know why, we just do, that's all.
Last week we had what I hope is our last snow of the year.  It was pretty coming down and I spent most of my time hopping up and down from my chair to gaze out the front window and watch it coming down.  At one point the cats got a little excited.  I figured they were being southern cats and excited about the snow.  I went to the front window to look again only to see an animal scurrying off the front porch!  I grabbed a flashlight and shone it out the window.  First I thought it was a possum.  I yelled for Mr. Marvelous because I was afraid the possum would go after the chickens.  I kept watching the animal rooting around in the snow by the front walk.  Then I wondered if it might be a raccoon; it was really hard to tell in the dark with the snow falling.  Mark grabbed his shoes and the big spotlight, I wrapped my warm blanket around me and stuffed my feet into my boots and we quietly went out the front door.
We were shocked to realize that the animal was neither a possum nor a coon.  It was an armadillo!  I tried to get a picture of him but the dark night, the falling snow, the beam of the spotlight and the very bashful armadillo all conspired against me.  Oh well; maybe next time!


dkmcnutt said...

have i ever told you that armadillos are my most favorite animals in the whole world!!! yes, i love armadillos and HATE butterflies! :)

Virginia said...

Armadillos always make me think of the classic lines,
"But YES the hippopotamus!"
"But not the armadillo"