Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lessons I Have Learned From My Mother-In-Law

I miss my mother-in-law.  She died in the spring of 2001.  I'm sure that the past 12 years have softened my memories a bit; she had her moments (as do I).  However, we had a good relationship and I enjoyed her company.  Mr. Marvelous says that some of the stories and family histories she shared with me were things he had never heard before.  He was always a little surprised at some of the things I would tell him!

So here are some of the Lessons I have Learned from Sara.

  1. How to cook vegetables southern-style (a huge relief to Mr. Marvelous after living with a few months of "Yankee-Style"!)
  2. Flower gardens are just as important as vegetable gardens.  Sara is with me whenever I try to "do" flowers.
  3. One day I will find "up" and discover all those things I have put there through the years.
  4. Save everything; you might need it later.
  5. The joy of a porch swing.
  6. How to make a really, really good zucchini casserole, and chicken baked in Durkee's sauce.
  7. Canning is not only something that is done for preserving the harvest, it is fun.
  8. Be interested in what your children and grandchildren are doing.
  9. Don't try and make your child perfect; it doesn't work. 
  10. Family is important, even when they are difficult.
  11. Homemade fruitcake really is good!
  12. Be very generous with your time, energy, and life.
  13. The work of the home is important, but so is taking time to enjoy life.
  14. The value of close friends increases with age.
  15. Keep a sense of humor.
  16. Eventually social filters will start slipping and your heart attitudes will be revealed.  Keep grace very close.

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