Saturday, May 18, 2013

Galveston, Oh Galveston...

That is the only Glen Campbell song I ever knew.  Every time I even think of Galveston, the song winds up stuck in my head for days.

When I made my first trip to Texas some 26 years ago, one of my biggest dilemmas was how to get across the Houston Shipping Channel.  Bridge, tunnel or ferry?  What a choice to have to make!  I solved it the only reasonable way possible.  I took the bridge.  I then drove back through the tunnel and caught the ferry.  Three crossings and I'm finally headed south to Galveston.

The walk has taken me across the Sabine River and through the Mcfaddin National Wildlife Refuge, just south of the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, across the Bolivar Peninsula and over the bay to Galveston.

Mottled Duck Family from Mcfaddin National Wildlife Refuge Website

The Bolivar Lighthouse, in addition to saving lives during the Galveston Hurricane, was the setting for one of my favorite early teen movies, My Sweet Charlie.  Not the typical favorite movie, but my oldest sister and I stayed up late, late one night to watch it and she explained to me what was going on in a way I have never forgotten. 

Photo by Patrick Feller, Flickr

I did take the ferry across to Galveston, but I promise I was walking the entire ride over! ;)

Photo by Patrick Feller, Flickr

Galveston is an intriguing mixture of old and new.  The architecture of the old neighborhoods is beautiful.  The Moody Mansion and Gardens, gets rave reviews

Photo by Texasexplorer98 Flickr
And then there is the Bishop's Palace or the Col. Walter Gresham Home.  What an amazing place!

Photo WikiMedia Commons

From there I'm headed inland.  Time for another jaunt to the Space Center!

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