Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program....

The Bees Are HERE!
We got a call Thursday night from our friend-neighbor-fellow beekeeper who has been preparing a nuc for us.  Our first of two hives is ready to be moved.  I guess this is really going to happen.  This is that moment of "What-have-I-gotten-myself-into-because-I-don't-know-ANYTHING-about-beekeeping"  And here we are.
Yesterday Mr. Marvelous tilled up an area and put concrete blocks down and leveled them to be ready for the bees when they get here.

 The arrival. 

The careful placement.  

You may not realize it if you don't keep bees yourself, but there is an "entrance reducer" that is blocking the way out of the hive.  It keeps the bees from flying out on the trip over here.

OK, it keeps MOST of the bees from flying out.

I had to sit and introduce myself to them and explain what was going on.

Later in the evening, after sundown, I went out and moved the entrance reducer just a little bit so that they could get out of the hive if they wanted to.  I wasn't geared up ~ didn't think I needed to be ~ but they started trash-talking me when I started to move the reducer, so I left, went in the house, geared up completely, grabbed the flashlight, and went back out to try again.  They were happy to get some fresh air!  When I left them for the evening, two of them weren't quite finished with our conversation, so they followed me into the garage, still talking.  I don't know if they ever found their way back out of the garage or not.  Now I know to be sure they don't follow me in!

Tomorrow I will remove the reducer completely and then tomorrow afternoon late I will do an inspection if it is not raining.  I also have 2 1/2 more gallons of strawberries to turn into jam.  It's going to be a busy weekend!

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