Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Adventures of Jack South

Jack and I have both been a little busy the past week or so.  We are about to get a whole lot more busy.  Do you remember my Big Walk-About in October, 2013?  Mom and I are getting ready to do a re-run the end of this week and next week.  It will be quite an adventure; our trips always are!  It's a little hectic around here as I get ready to hit the road and hit the rails again.  The need for this trip just came up the end of last week, so we are throwing this together rather quickly.  Mom and I love a good adventure and I'm sure we will be surprised by many fun moments along the way.  I am praying that God gives us clear vision to see the people He brings to us that He wants us to help in one way or another.  I'm praying that we will be open to doing whatever we may for whomever He brings.  I'm looking forward to some time with my beloved Aunt Roberta.  She has been so lonely for her family and we are delighted to get to go spend some time with her.  I will have plenty of pictures and plenty of stories to share, I am sure!  In the meantime, here is what Jack has been up to lately.

There is no significance to the order of these two adventures.

A couple of weeks ago we (Mr. Marvelous and I) went to Lowe's in Trussville, Alabama.  Jack went with us.  When we got there, we discovered something wonderful:

The Girl Scouts of Troop 464 in Trussville, Alabama were there!  AND they had COOKIES!!
Three cheers for Girl Scout cookies!  Now how in the world could you walk by and not purchase cookies from these lovely ladies?!  Sadly, I did not write down their names.  However, these young ladies are some of the most outgoing and fun Girl Scouts I have met.  And they liked Jack.  He was charmed by them, as well.

On another occasion that might have been before this or might have been after this (I'm not telling), Jack found himself here.

He had to wait a few minutes.
He looked around and realized that when folks in this room had to wait, they did this:

He thought the cake looked almost as good as the Girl Scout cookies.
Ah, Jack; you are about to learn a valuable lesson.
Eating too many sweets can lead to this:


Yes indeed, that is the exam chair of our wonderful dentist, Dr. Stone.

Poor Jack!

Fortunately, Dr. Stone takes uninsured patients
(Jack is too old ~ at approximately 243 years ~ to be eligible for our health care plans) 
(Or be a tax-deduction.  Sigh.)

 Jack did have a good report.

Although our favorite hygienist did scold him a bit about how much sugar he has been eating.
She instructed him to brush and floss and let him go with a good teasing.
Jack took it in good nature.

Jack is now busy deciding what he needs to take to Vermont.
I'm not sure he is going.
I'm afraid he will make my pack a little too heavy
(Remember that backpack?  So does my back!)

We'll see who wins this argument.

Stay tuned!

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