Friday, March 06, 2015


This is Gracie.

She may look like a cat, but she behaves more like a puppy.

Well, most of the time, anyway.  She's a little quirky.

Gracie is Mr. Marvelous' cat/kitten/puppy.

She's crazy about him.  If he is home, she is affronted when he puts things in his lap other than herself.  If he works from home, sometimes he has to move to the back of the house, because she wants so much to "help" him on the computer.  Literally, "on" the computer. 

When he is in his recliner, she is either on his lap or perched behind his head.

Gracies loves her master.  She likes to be involved in his projects.

I am a poor substitute when he is not at home.
Although when I talk to him on the phone, she appreciates it (she is usually crawling around my neck and trying to get into the phone to find him!)

When the master is gone, Gracie tries to find other things to do.
But mostly, she waits.

She tries to find pleasant places and enjoy the moment.
But always, she is waiting.

And waiting.

Because she knows that eventually he will come home again.

And then all will be well with her world.

Gracie is a reminder and a role model for me in my relationship with my Master.

May we all have the same longing, expectation, and faithfulness as we wait for Him.

His peace to your homes.

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