Thursday, October 10, 2013

BIG Walk-About

It's Thursday again.  A week ago I was getting the last minute details taken care of and getting ready (or "fixin' to") get on the train.  It's been a wild ride. 
  1. I love Amtrak.  
  2. The hotels we have stayed at were marvelous.  
  3. Two of the three cab drivers we encountered were wonderful (the third didn't realize that I knew he was taking the LOOOOONG way around, thus jacking up the fare.  Bless his heart!).
  4. The Bed and Breakfast in Vermont just took us in and treated us like family.  The staff at the nursing home where my aunt lives now were all wonderful.  
  5.  We had a terrific visit with Aunt Roberta. 
  6. Vermont is a "WOW" state; it was amazing all the things we saw and experienced in the short time we were there.  
  7. Vermont does not have deer crossing signs.  They have replaced those with Moose Crossing.  Sadly I was not able to get a picture (I was the designated driver.  Scary, isn't it?)
  8. They have the same tractor crossing and bus stop signs, but they have gone a little further and added a sign for Snowmobile Crossing.
  9. The Busy Bee in downtown (!) Glover is closed on Monday evenings.  If you want supper you can not get it in Glover or Barton, you have to drive up to Newport on the Canadian border.
Here's the first of many pictures that I thought you would enjoy.  Have a great Thursday; I'll be back in full swing by Monday.

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