Thursday, March 19, 2015

Homestead Update


This is Mr. Marvelous' favorite time of year.  Despite battling a recurring sinusitis, he can not keep himself out of the garden.  He has been busy finishing the raised beds, starting seed in the basement, moving plants that were started in January out into the sunshine, moving the chickens around so that they can do some tilling and fertilizing for him, and generally enjoying warmer weather.  We have had a LOT of rain this winter, but I think that is God's grace to keep him indoors on days when the infection is at its worst!

Here are a few pics from around and about.

 I'm really proud of how well his raised beds are turning out

The planting station

These are the potatoes from last year that sprouted in the bins over the winter
So they became this years' seed potatoes.

The bunnies will be moving soon.
 Elephant garlic and onions....

And the faithful sage, coming back to life for another year.

The basement babies are thriving and will be moving outdoors after Easter.

I would show you more, but I have to hit the road!

Stay tuned for Vermont updates...

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