Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Prayers Please

Please keep Mother and I in your prayers as you think of it today.  We are in Vermont where we have been visiting my Aunt.  We were supposed to start our trip home this morning.  Yesterday, Mother got sick and in the evening I had to take her to the local Emergency Room.  They admitted her with an infection and she is likely to be there for a couple of days at least.  It is challenging being out of town where you know no-one (we are a couple of hours away from my Aunt's nursing home) and having Mama in a strange (but very good) hospital.  Please pray for her healing.  Pray for me to be what she needs me to be.  Pray for my Dad back in South Carolina, and the brothers and sisters in Alabama and Washington.  Not to mention Mr. Marvelous!

We have found glimpses of grace along the way in the kindness of the doctors and nurses, the hotel clerk who not only extended my stay but reduced my rate throughout my stay and retroactively, the rental car clerk who assured me of her prayers for mother, the friends who are not only donating frequent flier miles to get us home but are making all the flight arrangements so that Dad does not have to try and figure that out.  Patches of God-light indeed!

Thank you.

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Elizabeth Parks said...

Oh, Virginia I will be praying for Aunt Miriam and you! I am so sorry :( It is too cold there....come home soon! Praying for Uncle Gordon and all of family too. I will keep in touch.