Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are having a good week this week.  I'm getting excited at the thought of Easter being almost here.

Thank you so much for praying with us about our trip to see my dear Aunt Roberta.  Our time together has been precious.  We have been able to take care of some of the details of her care that needed to be handled and working through that process has been much smoother than I had hoped.  Again, thank you for your prayers.  I know that this is why things have gone so well!

Please continue to pray for Vicky's son, and for Nancy, who resumes chemo the 31st.

Last week Kim asked for prayers for Shelley's Dad, who is recovering from heart surgery, particularly for pain management.  Update: Kim says that he is doing very well and the pain is being managed.  Thanks for your prayers for him!

This week's needs:

  1. Tyson was born Tuesday night, shortly before typing this.  It was expected that there will be some significant heart defects.  Please pray for little Tyson, and for his parents.                           Update: Ty was safely born via C-Section.  Here is a link to his Mama's blog about how he is doing.  Please keep those prayers rolling! 
  2. As you pray for our military heroes this week, please pray particularly for the ones who are relocating.  Pray that the relocations will go smoothly, and that they will find new church families to love and support them.
  3. Pray for the families of your local police and fire officers who have died in the line of duty.  
  4. Pray for the secretaries and support staff in your local church.  It is remarkable all the people who work so hard behind the scenes ~ the quiet work of the church ~ to make everything as smooth as possible on Sundays.  Pray that their work will be an act of worship so that they may then direct our hearts toward true worship.
Remember to let us know how we may support you in prayer this week.  Thanks for your faithful help and support in these matters.  Do not let anyone detract you from this work by making you feel that it is unimportant or insignificant.  It matters!

God's peace to your homes.

Praying Hands

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