Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas Day Four


I've been thinking about my Names Project the past couple of days and how it all got started a few years ago (the first entry is here).  

I finally finished up the book of Jeremiah this week but before I move on to Lamentations I thought I would go back and review some of the names and descriptions that I have found for Jesus over the years.

The Sunrise from on high   Luke 1:78

Emmanuel or God With Us  Matthew 1:23

Redeemer   Multiple places but I think my favorite is Job 19:25

And finally, the one I most need to remember today:

The Stability of your times  Isaiah 33:6

May your heart and your home be filled today with 
                               His light, 
                                       His presence, 
                                                      His redemption, 
                                                               His stability, 
                                                                       and especially His peace.

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