Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Twenty Four Days of Christmas Day Seventeen

I enjoy words.  I enjoy learning words and finding out where they come from and what they mean.  I enjoy using words, although anyone who knows me would tell you that I am much better at writing words than speaking words!  One of my favorite quotes from Rush Limbaugh is, "Words mean things!"

Often when I am reading or studying my Bible, I will find a word and go dig out my big dictionary and my Bible dictionary just to make sure I understand that particular word.  I have been known to sit taking notes during a sermon and jot a note to myself in the corner to do a word study on a particular word the preacher uses.

One of my favorite words in the Bible or out of the Bible is the word, sanctify.  I love how this word has multiple layers of meaning.  My Websters tells me that it comes from two Latin words, sanctus which means holy (Saint comes from that same word), and facio, to make.  To make holy.  It also means to set apart

I have been sanctified through the birth, the life, the work, the death and the resurrection of Jesus, and through the continuing work of the Holy Spirit.  I have been made holy, and (don't neglect this part) I have been set apart. 

As we approach the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus remember to spend some time thinking about the why of His coming.  Christmas is wonderful but it has little meaning if we are not thinking about the coming of Easter and the celebration of Jesus' finished work; God's glory and our sanctification.

Yesterday as I was reading through the book of Ezekiel, I came to this description of God in Ezekiel 20:12

The Lord Who Sanctifies

I pray that over the next few days you will take a little time to meditate on that.  In the meditation of that, I believe that you will find a depth and fullness and richness added to your celebration of Christmas!

His peace ~ and presence ~ to your home.

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