Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Twenty Four Days of Christmas Day Eleven


What shall we do today to prepare for Christmas?

I looked around this morning and wondered what to do.  

Jack thinks that my floors and carpets might need a little attention

The catnip does seem to go everywhere when our cats get into it!

He also suggested that this might be a good day to do a little Christmas baking.

I understand that many of you are not fans of fruitcake (except for my niece, Miss A.)
However, Mr. Marvelous LOVES fruitcake and this is his mother's recipe. 
I restrict him to one.  Or two.  Maybe three.

Let me know if you want the recipe; I will share!

Jack also suggested that if I have time after doing housework and cooking, I could sit in the rocker and peruse some Christmas books.
Since next week is decorating week.

I told Jack that these suggestions are excellent but before we do anything else, I need to spend some time working through a few chapters of Ezekiel.  Does that seem like a peculiar choice for Christmas preparation?  Probably!  But as I read through Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel, I realize afresh how desperately I need Christmas.  When I deepen my understanding of my spiritual hopelessness and inability to do anything righteous or good on my own power, then my appreciation of the hope of Christmas is exponentially deeper.

So I will spend a little time here....

...and then I will spend a little time with my prayer book, praying for those of you who particularly need to be reminded of that hope....

....and those of you for whom I have promised to pray.    

If you need any suggestions for your own prayer time today, would you please include Bill?  He had a marathon surgery yesterday for cancer.  

God's peace ~ and hope! ~ to your homes.

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