Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas Day Two

 Some Christmas Treasures

When I was in college my mother gave me a copy of Madeleine L'Engle's book: The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas.  It is not at all odd in my family to give an adult a "child's" book.  I think that year it was partly because I was taking a class in children's literature (what a class!).  It was also because that was the year that Mother and I were able to attend a guest lecture by Madeleine L'Engle at my college.


After Mr. Marvelous and I married, and after Mr. Marvelous Jr came along, this book was my motivation to celebrate Advent more fully.  I had a calendar and each day we would do something fun together as a family to prepare for and celebrate Christmas.
                                  Doesn't that sound wonderful?!

My poor men!  

This year is different.

This year I have discovered a little-known book by Mary Hinderlie and Edna Hong,  

L'Engle's book motivated me toward the activities of the season.  This book calms me down.

The book is a small treasure.  It is a family book, intended for those with little children still in the house.  Yet because it is a book that focuses on the spiritual preparation in addition to the physical, it is useful for any home as we all look toward Jesus' coming.  Poetry, recipes, gift ideas, and Scripture reading, along with the sweet illustrations, fill the book.  Above all, it is filled with the call to withdraw from the busy-ness and spend time in prayer and meditation.

Here is a quote from the book, directed toward the Mother of the family but appropriate to each of us:

Often this week you will have to find a place, a lonesome place, fall upon your knees, and remember that Christmas is Christ ~ not the crowds in the dime stores, the long lines in the post office, and the clamoring demands of unfinished tasks.  Wrap the presents.  "Presents wrapped in prayer glow with a particular light."  Richardson Wright, in his Book Of Days For Christians, suggests that as we wrap our gifts, we pray for the person who is to receive them.  A blessed thought!

I'm praying today that you will find one or two quiet moments of your own.
In the middle of all the activity, may you find the peace of Christ at the center.

His peace to your home.

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