Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The View From My Front Door June 23 2014

Do you remember the turkeys who came to call last fall and winter? 

In the past we have had them visit in the fall and winter, and then they disappear until the next fall and winter.  It seems that this year they are much more comfortable around us.

Over the past week, Mr. Marvelous and I have noticed the turkey hens wandering across our road in the mornings and then back in the afternoons.  It has been fun watching them and we have even caught glimpses of a few poults.  The poults at this point are as big as a very large dove and are fully feathered out.  It's vastly amusing watching them get distracted by something, look around and realize that Mama is not in sight, and then race like mad to catch up to her.  Sound familiar to any Mama's??

Monday morning I was bustling about doing my "morning chores" while Mr. Marvelous was working from his home office (also known as his recliner) (he really was working; that Monday morning conference call thing).

I glanced out the window and for the first time saw turkeys in the front yard.  There was one hen with two poults trailing along behind her.  I felt as though I were watching a parade.  Unfortunately Mama and babies are all a little bashful at this point, so they were gone by the time I grabbed the camera.  However, this hen was most happy to pose for me.

Hopefully they will come back soon for a longer visit.  In the meantime, the camera is waiting by the front door, and I have adjusted the settings to silent.  I'll keep watching!

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