Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday!

I don't know quite what got me started down this rabbit trail, but yesterday evening I started searching Google for the Toccata by Charles-Marie Widor.  It is one of my favorite pieces of classical organ music. 

That's a little out of the ordinary for me because M. Widor lived from 1844 to 1937.  Normally my cut-off date for really fine music is the early 1700s (what can I say, my baroquer is G. F. Handel.....).  However when I was in college I got to be friends with the young man who was the official organist/accompanist for the school.  Robert was incredibly talented.  As I watched and listended to him play this, it became my favorite organ piece (next to Albinoni's Adagio in G minor) (and this one is happier than the Albinoni.  You're welcome).  Due to the mix of pedaling (feet) with manuals (hands), it is quite a showy piece.  Watching a good organist play this (and Robert was excellent) is entertaining.

As I mentioned, yesterday evening I got started down the rabbit trail of finding some information about this piece of music.  Like most rabbit trails, I have no idea how I started but it took me over to Youtube (which isn't really that surprising).  I found this piece by a master organist who performed the Widor at a cathedral in Newark.  It's a good one and they even show his feet periodically, which gives you a better feel for the whole of the music. 

As I was listening, I glanced over to the side panel and made a discovery.  Youtube has a recording of the composer performing this piece at the Church of St. Sulpice in Paris in April of 1932!  Not only do they have this recording, it is a pretty good recording. 

So happy Friday and here is some wonderful classical music to get the day off to a good start.

Just so you know, I really don't know much about the person who posted this, so I can not recommend their channel as something that is or is not wonderful.  I just like that he has this recording.

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