Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Garden After Pictures

A week or so ago I confessed to the state of our garden here.  It was weedy and not very tidy (I like a tidy garden.  Mr. Marvelous thinks I'm a little obsessed)

Here are some pictures of how the garden looks after totin' and spreading out the wood chips.  Thanks again to my amazing brother The Tree Doc.

It always surprises me how quickly beans grow
These pole beans are coming along nicely too, don't you think?

Sweet potatoes!

Our favorite zephyr squash.  I've already cooked up a huge mess and shared with both my sister and the UPS driver!

We are trying melons again this year.  Every year we try.  Every year Mr. Marvelous says, "If I can't make it work this year I'm giving up on melons!"  Every year we try again.  I love his persistence!

I didn't know how much I love peas until this past winter.

Okra.  One day I'll tell you a story about me and okra.

We have been trying to grow artichokes for five years and it looks like this just might be the year we are successful.  I'm very excited about this!

Here is an over all view of the front with wood chips and some healthy plants.  We'll be digging up potatoes pretty soon. 

There now.  Isn't that a prettier, tidier garden?!

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