Thursday, June 19, 2014


We have rabbits.  White New Zealand rabbits, to be exact.

We breed our rabbits and raise baby rabbits. 

It's a lot of fun!


We had a rabbit catastrophe back in the early spring and as a result we had to put down most of our rabbits, including the buck ~ Edgar ~ who was our breeder, and all the young rabbits in the grow-out hutch.  Not a pleasant task.

We still had George (she is curious about everything, that's why she is named George) and her youngest crop of babies.  They all survived and no one showed any signs of illness, so we were able to raise them and eventually *ahem* "harvest" them (or as my Dad says, give them a free ticket to the North Pole).

I worked to socialize these babies while they were still in with George because we knew we would be keeping three of them to replace the other breeders.  The day came to separate them from Mama and we chose three to go into the breeder cages and the rest went into the grow-out hutch.

We kept Woolly-Booger who is VERY fluffy.

We kept Smoochie who is rather sweet and gives me kisses (and who is named for a VERY special baby but I'm not allowed to tell you who he is or that he lives in Utah).

We kept Nellie.  Who is very nervous.

When the time came to harvest the others, I had decided that Nellie needed to be exchanged with someone in the grow-out hutch.  Nellie's disposition was frankly getting on my nerves.

We decided to check the breeders to make sure we had at least one male and one female.

Turns out they were all females!

So we went to the grow-out hutch to try and find a male.  I told Mr. Marvelous to grab a particular one who was larger than the others and sure enough, he was a he.  So he got put into Nellie's cage and Nellie.....went to the North Pole.

I thought and thought and thought about what to name that male.

Suddenly it dawned on me.


His name is Barabbas!

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