Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Good morning Prayer Warriors,

I just have a few things this morning before I race out the door to run an errand:

  1. Please pray for my sweet husband this morning, who is driving the Little Red(neck) Truck to work.  Little Red(neck) is being cantankerous lately and I'm worried about it conking out on him!  Please pray for a smooth and uneventful trip both to and from work today.
  2. Pray for Jody as she marks one year without her dear husband Danny.
  3. Jeff and Melanie are celebrating ten years of marriage this week.  Praise God for the example of a  loving couple who are centered in Christ!
  4. Some friends of mine recently traveled out of state for the funeral of a beloved, godly Grandmother. Please pray for this family as they adjust to her not being there.  Pray especially today please for comfort for this lady's great-grandchildren.
  5. Brenda is facing surgery next month.  Please pray that God will protect her from anxiety as she waits for this, and for opportunities to continue to share Jesus with the medical people involved in her care.
  6. Next Monday is chemo day for Nancy. 
  7. Please be praying this week for the people who serve in church nurseries; both paid staff and volunteers.  Pray that they will stay focused on the importance of loving the babies and toddlers entrusted into their care, and that they will be faithful to teach them about Jesus.  Pray that they and the church will not neglect their own spiritual growth and nurture as they spend Sunday mornings caring for these treasures.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

God's peace to your homes.

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