Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Memories

Yard Sale 2015

The Akins have done it again.  We had a blast on the Yard Sale this year, even though we are both hobbling a little from all the walking on the hills and in the ditches!  We woke up early Friday morning, got ready and took off for a full day of fun.

A quick stop at our favorite breakfast spot to fuel up:

Jack always remembers his seat belt.  And his napkin.

Jack "helps" me finish my order.


Some years we start off in Gadsden at the beginning of the sale, and other years we bypass Gadsden and go on up to Dogtown.  This year since we got off so early, we decided to start in Gadsden.  Good thing we did; we found some treasures along the way from Gadsden to Dogtown.

When you get an early start, traffic is lighter.  However the roads are still muddy.  Fortunately we did not get stuck!
 This lady from Tampa was terrific.  She was so much fun to visit with and Mark was thrilled to find all the surplus "stuff" she had for sale.

Would you like a trombone?  No?
Then how about a baby-doll?
Or a new hat?

If you are in my generation, you probably grew up with one of these in your house or at least your Grandmother's house.  Although your mother's likely did not have quite such a decorative coat of paint.
A LOT of people were there with their dogs.
I enjoy meeting them.
Jack doesn't.
Bless his heart.

We finally got to the cross-roads where the road from Collinsville intersects with the Yard Sale.  This is always one of our favorite stops.  We found some interesting vendors there this year.

The ice-cream folks are our favorite.  These are the folks who do the Trade-Days in Collinsville every Saturday.

David Wilson is an artist I had not noticed in the past.
He is very gracious with his time and talking to folks about his art.

His art is pretty amazing!
 He does not have a web-site, but you may reach him about his art here.

I like this quirky little girl from Jerry's Junk & Funk

We rolled on down toward DeSoto Park, stopping as we went along.  Mr. Marvelous has one rule about driving along the Yard Sale: "If you see it and you want to stop you have to tell me".

There are two more favorite and regular stops between Collinsville and Mentone.  At the first one we met this gentleman and had a nice visit with him.  He is Steve Echols with Deep South Sales out of Jasper, Alabama.  He does estate and liquidation sales and is one of my favorite people I met this year.  He may be contacted here

As we moved on along the mountain, one of the things that struck me the most this year was how the leaves are already (in August!) changing and falling.

No picture is complete without a Jack Photobomb!
We did make our annual stop in DeSoto State Park and found these lovelies at the Ranger Station.
 They are Pitcher Plants in case you are wondering
We finally made it to Mentone, Alabama in time for a VERY late lunch.  Mr. Marvelous and Jack were more than ready for a hamburger from Ol' Tymer's Barbecue.  They make the BEST hamburgers on the route.  Especially when you are HUNGRY.  
As you can see, Jack was too hungry to worry with a napkin this time.

Mentone, Alabama is picturesque, scenic, charming, cooler than off the mountain, and the place where we have found some terrific bargains in years past.  Not this year, but since we got the wonderful wooden rocker ~ and since it is picturesque, scenic, charming and cool! ~ we continue to stop there each year.
 There's also the quirky factor just outside of Mentone...
Mr. Marvelous' favorite shirt of the day

That was our trip.   The question I have been asked the most is, "What did you buy???"
Here is this year's take:

All spread out

Cross between an auto-harp and a hammered dulcimer.

Well of course we got books!
Disclaimer: yes, I already have a complete set of Tolkein.  Mr. Marvelous was worried about using it since it is almost as old as I am...

Remember the nice lady from Tampa we met in Gadsden?  We found these portfolios, the mug, and a small notebook with various sized post-it notes.  Score!

I have wished for a camera tripod for so long.  I found this one for $15 and still feel guilty for not giving that man more money.  The box is not new, but the tripod was still in the plastic wrap and fits my camera. 

I also found the egg beater.  I got this from the man who sold me the Judy Harp.  He threw it in for free.

I have been moaning about not having any tablecloths.  I added this to my list of things to look for.
We carefully measured our round table and even wrote down the measurements before we went.
I was so happy to find this one; it will be beautiful at Christmas, don't you think?


I found this for $1 at the crossroads up from Collinsville.

 Jack approves.
 A note about Jack's necklace.  
Dear Vendors, it may work to put beads around women's necks in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  Don't try it at Yard Sales in Alabama.  You might get slugged.
I didn't, but I thought about it!  Lucky for him Junior was not with his Mama!

Did you notice the retro table??

 It has this mechanism to add a leaf (yes, it came with a leaf)
Very sturdy and well-made.

We like the metal feet.

We really like how it takes up less space in the kitchen.
That's all for this year.  Except that I think it is funny that we bought a tablecloth for the round table and then found a rectangular table.

Tomorrow I will tell you a little more about Jack's quest, and about his recent trip to Tampa with his friend.

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