Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jack South. A traveling Gnome!

Jack has discovered the joys of adventurous traveling this summer, and good friends who are willing to take him to see new places.  Remember his adventures to Colorado?  One of the young ladies who took him on that trip went with her Grandparents to the beach a few weeks ago.  Jack found some interesting places while he was there.

Jack was spoiled with new souvenirs.
He is such a ladies' man!

Lounging in the sand.
Hoping they don't forget to dig him out....

This picture is one of my favorites.
It makes me want to write one of those Mutual of Omaha lines;
"And as the sun sinks slowly over the ocean, Jack looks away and remembers with fondness and nostalgia his time wrestling the sharks into submission.
He will not soon forget those beach adventures."
Or something like that.

I promised you an update on Jack's adventures at the yard sale. 

Jack is not intimidated by elephants.

He really wanted this rocking chair.
It's just his size!
I reminded him we have one just like it on the front porch.

The vendor insisted that Jack try this out.
Jack is such a laid-back dude!

He had a lively discussion with the flamingos about his time at the beach

He politely asked the armadillos to stop bothering our chickens.

The tigers were a bit much for him.
He wisely kept his distance.

He didn't know chickens could get quite this big.  He is thankful the ones we have in our yard are smaller!
 He thought this might be a nifty home.
Til he realized his hat wouldn't fit.

After much discussion and thought, we did decide to spend a little time looking into the possibility of finding Mrs. Jack.  We saw a few possibilities

This one was too artsy.
And too young.

More age-appropriate, but a little too quirky.
And a little too vertically inconvenienced...

Mr. Marvelous thought this might be a good possibility.  Jack wouldn't take a second glance.
He muttered something about a combination of cabbage and yellow ringlets being too much of a "good" thing.

We did not find the perfect Mrs. Jack this trip, but we will probably continue the search.  If you have any suggestions and/or pictures, please feel free to share them!

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