Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The View From My Kitchen Window ~ July 21, 2014

There is a bit of buzz going around about what the fall and winter are going to be like this year. 

It has been a cool, wet summer and in spite of temperatures climbing all the way up into the 90's this week (in July) (in Alabama), people are starting to wonder if the fall temperatures are going to be as unusually cool.

I did check with my weather guru, and he is refusing to weigh in on this discussion quite yet.  Accordingly, I went to my kitchen window.

I looked at the dogwood.  It did not want its picture taken, but there are some hints of red around the edges.  That is about a month early.

Then I spotted a touch of color around the Beech trees.

Not much, but there are some gold hints already.  Again, this is at least a month early.

Maybe this means that the view from my kitchen window will be a little more exciting this year!

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