Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Remember the new rooster?


He is settling in well.  He's a handsome guy, and he doesn't crow constantly (what more could you ask for in a rooster?!). 

When we got him, the folks we bought him from had three little pullets (future layers) that we decided to get as well.  When we got them home, we found this sweet pose in the carrier:

I have seen Mama hens do this with baby chicks, but I had never before seen a rooster do this with a little pullet.

He still takes good care of the three little ones who came with him, and he has started being a little more assertive in looking out for the rest of the flock ~ especially the other Buff Orpingtons (the leghorns are still a bit stand-offish) (bless their hearts).

We just have one problem.  We can't think of a name.  HELP!  We have decided to have a Name-The-Rooster-Contest.  We need you to either leave a comment on here or ~ if you are more of a Facebook kind of person ~ on Facebook.  Mr. Marvelous and I will choose the one that seems to fit him best.  The winner will receive a nice prize. Winners will be announced Monday, August 4th.  The choosing will be completely arbitrary. 

Get ready, get set.....send me your entries!

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