Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's That Time of Year

Life is getting a little crazy on the homestead right now.  At least it is for She-Who-Harvests-Cans-Freezes-And-Pickles.

Here is the run down from the past week:

We defrosted the meat freezer last week and I found a couple of turkey carcasses waiting to be turned into broth.  So I got busy, made broth and canned 23 pints.

The Zephyr Squash (remember them?) are in kill-me mode.  So far I have put 24 4-cup bags in the freezer.  That's in addition to what we are eating.

The sixty tomato plants are ripening.  I spent most of one day this week getting 6 quarts canned.  Sigh.  Tomatoes are a lot of work.  I will be grateful when I don't have to spend money on them at the grocery store, but it gets a little overwhelming sometimes to do all that work and only have 6 quarts!

The cucumbers are in full swing.  So far I am on day eight of a batch of fourteen-day pickles and have put up 7 quarts of quick sweet pickles.  This makes my sister-in-law very happy.

I'll post more about this later, but we have also harvested a good supply of potatoes, including Russets, Yukon Golds, and Reds.  Should be enough to last until we harvest our second planting in the winter.

The beans are not being as productive this year...

...and the peas are only just now getting ready.  Eggplant, okra and melons are coming along.  The herbs are (mostly) doing very well.  Now if I can just find a minute to get out there and harvest them for drying...

Best of all, the artichokes are still alive and thriving!

I'd write more, but the pickles are hollering for me....

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