Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday: April Totals

April was a disappointing month for walking.  I walked, and I would estimate that I walked as much as or more than last April.  The problem is that I promised myself at the beginning of this trek that I would only count miles logged on my pedometer and would not give in to the temptation to estimate.  April brought with it some (more) pedometer woes.  Oh, the temptation to guess, to estimate, to average out the last couple of Aprils!  But the reality is that I only logged 58.32 miles bringing my total to a mere two thousand two hundred seventy point zero one.  Sigh. 

My current location is about halfway between the Salton Sea and Boreggo Springs.  I had planned to continue south to San Diego, but I realized this morning that if I do that I will miss things like the Palomar Observatory (how could I pass up an opportunity like that??!!) AND and opportunity to visit San Nicholas Island (think Island of the Blue Dolphin).  I may or may not swing up to Los Angeles; the big call to doing that (besides being a stereotypical, gawky sight-seer) would be the opportunity to visit Venice and roller blade there (think Blast From The Past).  We'll see. 

Google has changed the look of their maps again.  Oh joy!  But if you look at the Salton Sea you will notice that just west of there is a small mountain range, then a desert area, then another range of mountains.  I am not quite to the next range of mountains. Those mountains look formidable enough that I'm thinking about calling my niece Anne Caitlin for help getting up and over!

Hopefully by the end of this month I will be at least to the Pacific Ocean.  Perfect time to hit the beach!

Keep walking!

Borrego Springs Century • Borrego Springs
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