Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The View From My Kitchen Window: May 22

Honesty Time.

Sometimes my kitchen window looks like this.

Sometimes it looks a whole lot worse           

In the heat of the summer, when I am trying to keep the power bill down, it looks like this during the day-time.

I should lower the blinds all the way, and by August I probably will, but I have to have some kind of day-light and woodsy view!

In the evenings we pull up the blinds, open the doors and windows, turn on the fans, and thank God that this is not one of those years when we are already hitting up to 100.  That's when we see things like this.

This is not a reflection of anything through the window, it is just the reflection of the evening sun on the leaves of the tree.  I'm not quite sure how God did this, but I do enjoy seeing it.

Then there is this one:

Leave a comment if you think you know what caused this!

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