Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A (Mostly) Completed Project

I usually like to wait until a project is 100% complete before posting.  However by special request I am posting this one that is only mostly completed.

I have had two window frames sitting in my basement for going on three years.  I bought them at the World's Longest Yard Sale and "intended" to do a project with them long before now (Boxwoods.  I know).

I have a friend who is one of those people who gets things done.  If Beth thinks of an idea, she doesn't rest until she has figured out how to do it and gotten it finished.  She's pretty amazing that way.  She has rubbed off on me a little (let there be great rejoicing!).

I decided last week to quit thinking about those window frames and do something with them.

For quite some time I have wanted to have some sort of sign or something to mark the fact that I have Scarborough Fair in my front yard herb beds.  You know; parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  I decided to use one of the windows for that.

After going to Petals From The Past last weekend I got busy.  While this is not normal for me, I actually remembered to take pictures before, during and after.

Here's before

Ugly, isn't it?

Looks better after being sanded.

Work was interrupted by a series of storms that blew through here last week.  I had not done any storm prep since the winter so I had to take a break and get some work done around the house and the yard Monday and Tuesday.  I figured I could work on this whether I had power or not but vacuuming can only be done with the electricity on!

Wednesday I got back busy again and started working on the lettering.

I tried the lettering on the natural wood. 
That did not work.

So I painted the whole thing white and tried again.


Since it is going to hang outside, I sealed it with polyurethane
(thanks, Beth!)

Next I picked the herbs and sealed them with a coat of fixative.  
I am hoping that will keep them from drying out quite so quickly.

With some help from Mr. Marvelous, I added some chain. 
Then I tied on the herbs and here is the (almost) finished product.

My parsley is way too small to pick yet.
When I went to visit my friend Lisa and get some from her I realized that I had forgotten my wallet!
I'll go see Lisa later this week
(Here's a shout out to Green Up Garden Shoppe!

Meantime, here is a shot of the new window hanging above my own, personal Scarborough Fair

And here is the update with the parsley added:

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