Monday, May 05, 2014

Monday Morning Memories: Boxwoods

Many years ago my Dad went to visit a member of his congregation.  She was recently widowed and was in that time when the busy-ness of planning a funeral is done and the grown children have had to go back to their homes and lives in other cities and states.

He and Mom went to visit this dear lady and had a nice visit talking about her children and remembering her dear husband. 

As they were leaving, the lady was apologizing for the overgrown garden path.  It seems that her children loved boxwoods and had planted some for their mother many years ago.  As time went on, they grew (imagine that!) and got to the point that the lady could hardly walk from her house to her car.  She didn't much care for boxwoods in the first place and she really did not care for them now.  She kept telling the children that she was going to dig them up but they kept assuring her that they would come and take care of that task for her.

She waited.

                            And waited.

                                                             And waited!

She finished telling Dad about this situation, expressing her frustration that her children did not follow through with their good intentions of helping their mother!

Dad jokingly said, "Well, you know what the road to Hell is paved with".

She looked at him with some confusion and consternation and replied,


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