Sunday, May 11, 2014


I am blessed with an amazing Mom.  Anyone who knows her will be loudly shouting "AMEN" to that statement.  Mom demonstrates God's grace and love to everyone she meets.  This is a lady who

  1. Worked as a nurse, nursing supervisor and public health nurse while training for a call to overseas missions
  2. Realized that her calling was to be (instead) the wife of a pastor and mother of five children
  3. Loves and supports her husband, working beside him to enhance his ministry wherever God may send him.
  4. Raised 5 children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  5. Lovingly welcomed 2 daughters-in-law and 3 sons-in-law into the family.  They are more sons and daughters than in-laws!
  6. Worked tirelessly to support the raising of her 14 grandchildren through lots of love, lots of time, and lots of prayer.
  7. Lovingly welcomed 2 new grand-daughters (by marriage) and 5 new grand-sons (by marriage)
  8. Delights and rejoices in her 7 (soon to be 8!) great-grandchildren, praying for them daily
  9. Cared for her mother until her death and now cares for her unmarried sister
  10. Welcomes anyone at any time to her home for a visit, a cup of tea, lessons on bread-making, and/or lessons on life
  11. Always looks for ways to share the love and joy and mercy of God with whomever He may put in her path
  12. Always, always prays for her family
  13. Always, always provides an example of godly living for her family and all those around her.
 That's just a little piece of her.  There is really no way that one blog post could capture the spirit of my amazing mother.

Many years ago Mr. Marvelous and I found ourselves in a church where many of the members did not come from homes with good mothers.  For a number or years, even after we left that church, I felt as though I had to apologize for having such wonderful parents.  I wouldn't talk about them openly in Bible-study gatherings because I was afraid I would hurt someone by making them feel their lack.  Several years later a woman in a Bible study in another church was talking with me and I shared with her this fear.  She looked at me in shock; why in the world would I feel that way?!  Then she gave me some life-changing words.

"NEVER feel that you can't share about your wonderful parents.  Just remind the people who are listening to you that even if they do not have that heritage, they can START that kind of heritage for their children, grand-children, or great-grandchildren.  It is NEVER too late to make that change."

So if you are reading this today and feeling a little sad that your heritage does not match my heritage, remember the wise words of my friend Kim.  Start praying today! 

And if you have a mother like mine (or if you share my mother!), be sure to let her know today what a blessing she is.

God's peace and grace to all our mothers!

The quintessential Nana: rocking and knitting while wearing her Dr. Scholls!

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