Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kitty Withdrawal

This is Gracie.

Mr. Marvelous belongs to her.  

This is their combination of Captain Morgan and Smaug.  

Last week Mr. Marvelous got sick.  He spent Thursday working at his home office and Friday moving between bed and recliner.  Saturday we went to the doctor.  He was given some antibiotics.  Saturday night his "good" knee suddenly and inexplicably started swelling.  By Sunday he couldn't walk without using a walker (and even that was challenging).  Therefore, he spent all day Sunday and Monday morning going between the bed and the recliner. 

Monday we went to his wonderful orthopedic doctor ~ Dr. Matthew Davis if you live in the Birmingham area and need a really, really wonderful orthopod ~ and Dr. Davis was able to fix his knee.  The fix was painful (draining a LOT of fluid), which meant that Mr. Marvelous spent the rest of Monday and all day Tuesday not being very active.

All of this was rather frustrating for my active gardener who is already fussing about being behind in gardening for the year.  

Gracie, on the other hand, has been in hog kitty-heaven.  She has had her human around all day every day for several days.  That has meant that her human could spend all his time doing what humans are supposed to do all day every day.  Spoil the cat! (as if she isn't already).  She has spent almost all her time curled up in his lap and following him as he moved from place to place.  When not doing that, she is coming to inform me that I need to be doing a better job taking care of him.  I'm not kidding; that cat scolds me if I am not doing what she thinks I should be doing for Mr. Marvelous.

All that ended today.  Mr. Marvelous is much improved and in spite of Gracie's best efforts, went back to work.  Bad human! Bad Daddy!!

Withdrawal is painful and Gracie couldn't handle it.  So she spent the day in my lap, trying to get into my lap, wrapping herself around my neck (and shedding into my mouth), crying to get into my lap....well, you probably get the picture.  

Hopefully she will calm down tomorrow.  However if you don't hear from me this week, you might want to send someone to make sure I haven't been smothered by kitty-affection!

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