Friday, May 09, 2014

Strawberry Time!

At last; the strawberries ~ after a ridiculous winter ~ are ready!

The timing is perfect as I am down to my last two lonely jars.

Over there on the far left. 
It looks a little sad, like Mother Hubbard's cupboard, doesn't it?  The fact that it is that bare is really a good thing.  That means that I did not over prepare last year and don't have jars that have to be thrown out.  By the time canning season is done this year it should be filled back up again. 

Mr. Marvelous tidied the back porch and scrubbed off the pollen (and you wonder why I call him Mr. Marvelous??)

I got my canning kitchen set back up again.

It was time to make the annual trek to Locust Fork.  My sister-in-law and I have been making that trip since my family moved here (I'm pretty sure we went that first year).  We go to Jerry Marsh Farms; they are great folks with very good produce and really good prices.

In case you can't read that the U Pick strawberries are $9...per gallon.  If they pick them for you they are $11...per gallon.  For fresh-picked strawberries from a family-owned farm I think that is a great price!

 My buddy was there again this year.

He's a sweetie!

We did have one or two startling surprises as we were driving home. 

I did not expect to find zebras in Locust Fork, Alabama.

Or camels, for that matter.

We got all our strawberries safely home.  I bought five gallons this year.

Aren't they lovely?!

Then I came home and got all my jars and equipment out and ready

And tomorrow I will get busy.

According to my canning journal, last year I bought 5 gallons.  I think that is wrong; I think I really bought only 4.  Whichever it was, I made 38 or so pints of jam.  I like to give it away for gifts.  My friend Beth is telling me I should take it to one of the curb markets around here and sell it.  I just might try that this year.

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