Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Adventures of Jack South.

Jack DID come home....

Well.  Jack did come home from Colorado.  I won't say he is none the worse for wear.  Take a good look at this guy...
We went over to our friends home Sunday evening to spend some time with them and to pick Jack up.  We heard quite a tale about Mr. Jack.  You may recall that once the family got to Colorado Jack spent the first day there sleeping in, watching cartoons, and drinking coffee out of a Dr. Who mug (he contends it had less caffeine than those Diet Mt. Dew).  

After that day, it has been reported to me that Jack....disappeared.  Yes, that's right.  Jack took off, left his host family and just disappeared for several days.  As you can see, he came back with:
  1. a new ear-ring (ruby red slippers to commemorate his time in Kansas)
  2. a scar on his face
  3. rings under his eyes   AND
  4. a new tattoo on his wrist.
 Oh Jack!

Jack is still not saying anything about where he was during that time.  I do understand that there are some more pictures waiting for download that might solve the mystery.  I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and for now (!) assume that he spent his time rescuing damsels in distress.  I can't help thinking about the adventures of Prince Corin in The Horse and His Boy.

Jack seems happy to be back home again.
He is very proud of his new tractor that he found in Kansas.

Gracie Kittie is also relieved to have Jack back.
She is hoping that he will let her play with his new tractor.

Yes, Jack is back.  But Jack has caught the pioneer spirit.  He enjoyed his trip so much that he has asked me about the possibility of making another one in the near future.  He thought perhaps some of his readers might enjoy his company.  I told him I would ask.  So if you are going on a trip and would like the pleasure of Jack's company, leave a comment and let me know.  We'll see if we can arrange to get him to you.  

He already has his bags packed!

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