Monday, February 16, 2015


For info on how this project all got started you can find the link to the first post here.  Yes, it really has been going on for over three years.  One of those "Lifetime" projects.

I have finished the Gospel of Matthew and moved along to the Gospel of Mark.  It is interesting to note that in the Gospels, there is a clear distinction among the Trinity.  God is the Father in Heaven, He is the Son on Earth, and He is the Spirit Who comes to comfort and help.  That clear distinction will change in the Epistles and get even more challenging in John's Revelation.

I went through the New Testament a few years ago finding names, titles and descriptions of Jesus.  This time I am looking for names, titles and descriptions of God the Father and God the Spirit.  As I am doing this, I am finding several that I missed for Jesus.  For example:

Jesus was the followed.  This is seen throughout the Gospels.  Every time I see that someone followed Jesus, I am reminded that this is the most important thing I have to do each and every day.  Follow Jesus.  That requires that I know Him and know where He went and how He lived His life, and that is only accomplished through reading and studying His word.  He is followed.  Am I being a follower?

Thinking about following, Jesus was prayerful.  Have you ever gone through and examined how often Jesus went aside to pray?  It was a frequent habit of His.  Am I following His example by setting aside time daily for intentional (rather than that on-the-fly-Lord-help-me-right-now-please-and-thank-you-amen) prayer?

Jesus was betrayed.  This is another name that is seen repeatedly in the Gospels.  The question that I must then carefully consider is, have I betrayed Him in any way today?  Obviously I am not handing Him over to the Pharisees and the Romans for crucifixion ~ that has already been done.  On the other hand, my sin made that crucifixion necessary.  Did I sin today?  Did I ignore the leading of the Spirit today?  Did I fail to take a stand for Him today?  Did my actions today in any way mirror those of the one who betrayed Him?  Those are questions that require time, honesty and soul-searching.

Finally, the name of God that has affected me the most is The Living God (Matthew 26:63).  It is ironic that the person using this term was the High Priest who was working to deliver Jesus to death.  But think about this name: The Living God.  Yes, He is indeed.  He is living and intimately involved with every facet of His creation.  There is a name guaranteed to bring both comfort and hope in the most trying of situations you may have to face this week as you follow Jesus.

May the peace of this Truth fill you hearts and homes this week!

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