Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Day.

Does your husband ever come home and ask, "So, Honey, what did you do all day?".  Mine does too.  Here is my answer for today. 

What shall we do today?  The house work, shopping and laundry all got done yesterday, so what shall we do today?

Let's start with a really good Bible Study in John's Epistles.

How about making some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies next?

If your last sheet of cookies looks like this, 

You have permission to do this instead.  Just do not forget to mark it with the fork.


Or would you prefer a large?

After that, since we are in the kitchen anyway, why not start some turkey soup in the crockpot?

Since the freezer has been acting up lately (and at almost 28 years old it is allowed to act up), let's go ahead and get both freezers cleaned up and organized just in case.

Looks like I need to make some squash casseroles.

With the threat of some bad weather coming and an unpredictable water department, it would probably be wise to go ahead and fill up some water jugs for the animals.

Speaking of animals, the chick brooder could use some attention.

There now, that looks better, doesn't it?

I think after all of that it is time to go sit for a little while!  Maybe I can find something fun to do while I sit.

Just for the record, you must understand one thing.  I am not a knitter.

But I can make a plain (and quite comfortably warm) scarf.

Or a full-body wrap, depending on your size.

Once all that is done it is time to get ready.  Mr. Marvelous will be home soon!  He might want some cocoa and cookies when he gets here.

    That's what Jack thinks anyway.

That was what I did today, along with a few other odds and ends.

How was your day?

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